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Winery Resource Guide Introduction:

This Guide is the second edition of the Winery Resource Guide. The project was developed by Virginia Wineries Association and funded through a grant from the Virginia Wine Board. It is to serve as a resource to wineries and will be updated as needed. You will receive notice at the email address provided when updates are made. While legal counsel was retained to complete this guide, VWA and its counsel cannot be held liable. The information contained herein is up-to-date only as of the effective date indicated. Further, this document is not to be considered as legal advice, but as a guideline only. For legal advice, consult legal counsel.

Whole sections may be downloaded and printed for your use by clicking on “More in this section” box above.  If you need a printed copy, one can be provided for you at cost plus shipping. Just email us your request at

We owe many thanks for the effort and time put into this guide from Mary Beth Williams, founder of Williams Compliance and Consulting. Williams Compliance is based in Virginia, and is the only beverage compliance company focusing exclusively on the East Coast. Widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on beverage compliance, founder Mary Beth Williams designed Williams Compliance to be a nimble, knowledge-based company. For more information, please visit

Thank you to Wood Rogers PLC, who provided us with the labor and employment portions of the guide. Woods Rogers PLC is a full-service law firm providing legal solutions in more than twenty-five practice areas to businesses and individuals across Virginia, throughout the Southeast and beyond. The Woods Rogers tradition is based on client satisfaction–earned through hard work, creative problem-solving and an eye toward creating value to the client. For more information, please visit

It is important to know that this guide was created in cooperation with the Virginia ABC, Virginia Department of Taxation, and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We sincerely appreciate their review this guide. With their assistance, it should make this guide an accurate and useful tool for the entire industry.

To use the guide see the index for where to find a subject, the resource section for actual forms and tools. There are links throughout for ease of use. We hope you find the Winery Resource Guide a valuable tool.

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