Industry Information

Virginia Wine Vision

Virginia Wine Vision was designed as a blueprint for success for the Virginia Wine industry. Developed over the course of two years and finalized in March 2022, the plan presents a challenge to all segments of the industry—to strive for excellence in grape growing, winemaking, marketing, distribution, research, and public policy.  You can read the strategic plan here

Storytelling Toolkit

The Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office developed a downloadable storytelling kit. This kit has best practices to improve your storytelling game. Wineries can use this resource to create messaging that resonates with wine consumers and to select the best channel to convey them.  Download here.

Commercial Grape Report

Attached is the 2020 Commercial Grape Report

Due to a lack of participation/responses from within our industry, the pricing information is the only reflective data point that is able to be released. I am working with members of the Virginia Wine Board, The Virginia Vineyards Association, and the Virginia Wineries Association to develop a better system of data collection and make reporting easier for the industry in hopes of improving the response rate of this survey. If you have ideas to improve survey response rates, I encourage you to contact Skip Causey of the VVA, Len Thompson of the Virginia Wine Board, or myself.

Sincerely, Kirk Wiles Virginia Wine Board, Chairman Paradise Springs Winery