Governor’s Cup Judging

Rating Scale

Ratings will use the 100 point Wine Spectator scale.

The numerical rating will be used to determine medal winners and advancement to the subsequent round.

100-90A Classic Wine, Among The Best Wines In The World
94-90Outstanding, Superior Character And Style
89-85Very Good, A Wine With Special Qualities
84-80Good, A Well Made Wine Of Good Quality
79-75Average, A Drinkable Wine That May Have Minor Flaws
74-50Not Recommended (NR)
49-0No Score (NS)

Gold Outstanding/Classic 90-100 points
Silver Very Good 85-89 points
Bronze Good 80-84 points

Tasting Notes

Our esteemed judges assemble tasting notes for each wine commenting on:

•  Appearance: clear or dull, color, intensity, other visual observations

•  Aroma: descriptors as to clean or faulty aromatics, fruit, floral, vegetal, spice, oak, chemical, animal, and intensity

•  Flavor: dry, off dry, etc. RS, character of the alcohol, acidity, body, tannin, oak, fruit, floral, vegetal, spice, oak, chemical, animal, and intensity

•  Overall Quality

•  Commercial Suitability

The average wine score will be used to determine if it qualifies for a medal.

Preliminary Round

Over the course of 3 days, each wine is tasted by 6 judges. This is a single-blind tasting, meaning that judges only know the grape or category of a wine, but the vintage, winery and name are hidden behind coded-glasses. Finally, individual judges’ scores of a wine are averaged into one score after the lowest score is dropped.

Final Round

Over the course of 3 days, 12 judges assess the highest ranking wines from the preliminary round. Unlike the preliminary round, each judge samples all of the Final Round wines. Each wine in the Final Round receives a final average score after lowest is dropped. The 12 wines with the highest average score are identified as the “Governor’s Cup Case.” The wine with the highest overall score is the Governor’s Cup Winner.